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I ask these specific questions for good reason, please take your time and fill them out fully so I can get all the information I need! As seriously as you take booking a wedding photographer, is just as seriously as I take in ensuring my clients and I are the PERFECT fit for one another! 

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Please allow at least 72 business hours before re-submitting an inquiry if you have not heard back.
Please keep in mind our office hours are mon - fri 10am - 6pm est with respect to the fact that paige is also often out travelling for sessions. we value work-life balance here at pep and will not be responding to work inquires outside of our office hours and appreciate your patience :)

* 2023 wedding inquires please read: I have very limited availability remaining for 2023 weddings. I know wedding planning is stressful and time consuming, so to help with that, I've listed my remaining 2023 availability details in a highlight on my instagram profile! Please click here to visit my instagram and click on the "2023 Avail" highlight circle if you'd like to see if your date is open before filling out our form :) I hope this helps and can't wait to hear from you!

UPDATE:  We are fully booked for weddings through November 2023. The only exceptions are for small weekday elopement style events. We have one remaining opening in December for a full wedding, either the second or third weekend of the month.

now booking 2024 weddings!