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Hey, you. Thanks so much for being here. Writing about myself is so weird for me, but I'll give it a go. To start, I want to share with you how I got here. Rewind to 2015 or so. I was graduating college (only 2 years late thanks to taking a year off and changing my major a billion times) when I started a little side hustle called "A Little Rusty Shop". I was renting out vintage furniture/decor and styling weddings. Did it all start because my partner at the time called me a hoarder and I said "well you can't call me a hoarder if I rent it out"? Yes....but did it also lead me to this career that I love and feel so grateful and blessed to do? Also yes. Anyways, I did that for awhile before realizing that to market myself better, I needed better photos. Christmas of 2016 I got my first camera and by summer 2017 I was ~a photographer~. Let's all have a little chuckle at that, but seriously, it wasn't long before I realized that having a camera in my hand made me happier than anything I'd ever done before. And especially happier than lifting a bunch of heavy furniture all by myself. Thanks to a truly incredible friend (looking at you, Layma) who pushed me to pursue this newfound dream even though I was terrified, by the end of 2018 I was able to quit my HR day job and pursue photography full time. And it's been my full time job ever since. 2020 and the aftermath was super hard on the wedding industry, just like it was for most, and I definitely went through a burnout period like a lot of us did. However, 2023 was the year I fell head over heels in love with my job again. Not only because I felt like my business was financially starting to recover, but I myself was too. 2023 was a year of huge personal growth and it allowed me room to dive back into my work in a way that I really hadn't been able to from 2020-2022. It was also the year I fell in love with and married my husband. We'd known each other for a long time (high school, college, technically we even played band together in middle school but we don't remember each other) and we knew on our first date that this was it. It was, truly, the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. Even working in this industry as long as I have, I always thought people were exaggerating when they said "when you know, you know". Because I'd always had a nagging feeling in my gut with past partners. But with John, I knew. Immediately. And we went from our first date to married in just 6 months, and it's the most wonderful, healthy, safest, wholesome love I've ever experienced. That's why I say on the home page of this website "for the lovers whose home, is each other", because that's how I feel with John. He's my home. And all I want as a photographer, is to get the opportunity to capture photos that showcase your love, your home, in a way that represents you. Photos don't need to be scary. You don't need to feel awkward. All you need to do is show up and be yourselves. Focus on each other. Love on each other. Laugh, play, rest together. Certainly, I'm here for guidance and suggestions. But the best photos come about when my couples show up ready to genuinely be themselves, the way you are at home. Because here's the thing, I don't need to tell you how to love each other. You're obviously good at that, right? All I ask is that you come to your session, or show up on your wedding day, wholeheartedly ready to do exactly that. And let me capture the rest. 🖤


Fact 1 | I absolutely love to travel. Getting to see and experience new cultures, ways of life, and places has had a profound effect on who I am today that all started when I was 16 when we hosted (our first of several) exchange student. Her name is Josie and she's from Germany. That summer between junior and senior year I actually went and lived with her family in Germany (and am fortunate to have gotten to do so several times now). And that experience was the beginning of opening my eyes to how incredibly beautiful the differences in cultures, languages, and ways of life are. And I hope to get to experience as much of it as I can.

Fact 2 | I have a ton of fur babies. This is my girl, Luna. She's 7 now and is me in dog form. My husband and I also share the cutest bear you've ever seen - a Chessie named Maisie, as well as a cat named Maggie, and I have 2 horses and a gecko...

Fact 3 | I am a major Harry Potter nerd. I have only been beaten at Harry Potter trivial pursuit once in my life, and they got lucky. Please challenge me, I really need to be beat more often, it's not good for my ego. 😂

Fact 4 | My happy place is with my feet in a creek in the mountains of Colorado. Any creek will do. :) Or at home with my husband in cozy clothes with a fire blazing and our sweet furry girls cuddled up nearby.

Fact 5 | My husband and I love to be outdoors and active. Mountain biking, dirt biking, riding motorcycles, walking our dogs, visiting the beach, and exploring new places in our converted sprinter van are just a few things we love to do together. We actually drove out to Colorado in our van with the dogs for our wedding in Buena Vista, CO.

Fact 6 | I am obsessed with with Supercross/Motocross and it's the ONE sport I actively keep up with. I even have a guy I root for! My husband and I watch every weekend, or we'll go out and ride our own bikes 😏

Fact 7 | My favorite food is anything my husband cooks me. Seriously, he's fantastic in the kitchen. It's unreal. Check out hubby on the left here. What a cutie. Anyways, some more specific foods I love are are tacos, indian food, sushi, chocolate chip cookies....

Fact 8 | My little sister, Sarah, is my best friend, and this business wouldn't exist without her. She came on as my assistant about a year and a half in, and left in 2023 to work on pursing her dreams. I am so proud of her, and eternally grateful to have gotten to work alongside her for over 5 years. I also really miss her answering my emails.....😆

Fact 9 | I am a strong advocate for removing the stigma around mental health, and have spent a lot of time on my socials talking about it. I'm a big believer everyone should have a therapist at some point in their life. It completely changed my life and helped me in more ways I can list on this little fact page. Your mental health matters. What have you done for yourself lately? 🤍

Fact 10 | Some of my favorite TV shows are; Ted Lasso, FRIENDS, Supernatural, Parks and Rec, Schitts Creek, Madam Secretary, & The Rookie. We also watch a lot of Youtube Van life accounts (lol, shocker). 

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PAIGE ELIZABETH photography 

PAIGE ELIZABETH photography 

I'm so happy you're here. Truly. Whether you book me or not, if you're reading these words right now, I am so grateful. This website is a labor of love from me to you. I've spent the last several months building out this new space in my little corner of the internet. I wanted it to feel reflective of who and where I am at currently both in my personal life, and where I am at artistically and professionally as a photographer. This past year I saw a lot of growth, as a mentioned above I fell back in love with capturing lovers. The honor that it is to be invited into the spaces, lives, stories, raw and real moments of perfect strangers, to be able to capture it in a way that helps them re-live it for eternity, never ever ceases to shake me to my core. It is something I am so incredibly grateful for, and if you'd like to work together, I hope you are just as excited to share that part of yourselves with me, as I am to capture it for you. 



a space for thoughts, hopes, desires, and goals, from me to you


2024 goals

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2024 and going into 2025 (because us wedding vendors have to plan our lives out 1.5 years in advance.....yes it's weird), I am really focused on shifting my core photography from large weddings to smaller intimate ceremonies and elopements. I've been photographing larger weddings as the majority of my business for 7 years (and I will continue to take on some large weddings, so if you're having a larger wedding and reading this, don't worry, please feel free to still reach out). But having gotten married myself in an small ceremony/elopement style celebration, and experiencing that kind of intimacy and intentionality in being present and fully grasping every opportunity to make our wedding our own and have it fully centered on the love, both for ourselves and the 15 loved ones we had with us, makes me uniquely qualified to capture those types of unions. It was an experience that altered me personally and professionally, and I am really hoping to get the opportunity to make elopements and intimate ceremonies my focal point. Getting to help couples craft their own unique experiences and getting to capture them is an absolute dream.


things i'm loving

PAIGE ELIZABETH photography 

John and I just finished Ted Lasso, (my second time watching through, his first). So we are fully obsessed and we accidentally talk in British accents all the time at home...I'm loving our cozy fireplace, fuzzy socks, and birkenstock clogs for wearing around the house. Our wine collection and leaning about the history and science being wine is a big passion project for John and I right now which is super fun. Our near-daily walks around the neighborhood. Getting back into reading more books. Our mantle that currently is displaying an overflowing amount of beautiful holiday cards from people we love. Planning our spring travels and the next time we'll be back in our favorite place (Colorado). All the goofy little songs we come up with about our dogs and sing 10X a day to them. Chris Stapleton's new album, Nora En Pure's super stunning YouTube videos of sets she does in the middle of gorgeous landscapes for background music. My motorcycle, Liza.